‘Peace’ by Anna Pancaldi

Anna Pancaldi Releases Her New Single ‘Peace’



It was just last month that XMPL had the pleasure to interview Anna Pancaldi. The talented vocalist discussed her passion for music, hobbies, goals and also mentioned her UK tour – which will be kicking off October 11th. One of the most impressive things that stood out to us with Anna is her versatility and ability to tap other varieties of music . She captures your attention whether she is singing with an intimate vibe like her cover of ‘Let Her Go‘ by Passenger or if she tackles you with a hard hitting sound like her single ‘What I’ve Become‘.

As exciting as Pancaldi’s UK tour is, her new track ‘Peace‘ will have her fans worldwide anticipating more tracks of this style. We saw  30 second preview of this track and finally it is available on all streaming platforms. Her new track has a very upbeat vibe mixed with her wide range of vocals. Definitely a song you will want to see live, but the way the drums and her guitar strumming compliment Anna’s vocals you will definitely find your self grooving out to this tune. I personally would love to hear this track performed or even played at a pub.

This track was highly anticipated and now we can finally say it is here, can’t wait to see what she does next!


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