‘Physical’ by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa Releases Her New Single ‘Physical’ With New Visuals

The latest single from POP phenomenon, Dua Lipa debuts with a loud bang! ‘Physical’ was highly anticipated from the UK singer as her track to tackle 2020. Not disappointing she released the single, with brand new visuals, to go along with the upbeat tune!

Dua Lipa goes off on this track with a very retro sounds, holding an upbeat melody that is set to scorch every party this summer. The chorus will bring you back in time especially when the beat fades out and the song is carried by chants over claps.

The video makes this whole project even more exciting. Visuals are mixed with different moods through out different coloured scenes. The visuals are also highly choreographed with a tone of dancing throughout the whole project. With a kiss of animation though out the video, really lets you tap into a different dimension!

This project is a final stamp on Dua Lipa releasing a new album in 2020. Her album ‘Future Nostalgia’ will be releasing on April 3rd, 2020.

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