“Like That” by Jasmine Kiara

Great music finds us when we least expect it. But sometimes, if your lucky you get to experience a moment where the music speaks to you so deeply on the first listen that it’s chilling. These small moments of respite are where you find voices like Jasmine Kiara.

Her new single “Like That” recounts thoughts and feelings within a connection much much deeper than a relationship between two people.

“Told me to stand up for myself but you wont let me stand up to you”

Jasmine hones in on all of the omnipresent waning and waxing emotions you experience when thinking of your person. Feeling small, insignificant, and unwanted. Angry, and resentful. Passionate. Forgiving and amorous. The perfect mixture for an R&B hit in 2020. This song hits it on the head.

“empty apologies, fuck all your promises they dont mean anything. Ive heard it all before, ‘Im so emotional’…”

Jasmine Kiara, 19, has been actively releasing music on streaming platforms since 2018, her most recent body of work is a 5 track project titled “Just Friends”.

Check out “Like That” on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

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