‘Monkey Business’ by Easy Mac

Easy Mac Returns With New Album ‘Monkey Business’

Calgary’s very own, Eazy Mac releases his latest album Monkey Business. Unleashing his lucid sound through 13 tracks, Mac also hosts 8 features on this project. Hearing from Merkules, Yellowbunny, Golden Bsp, HunnaV, Dax, Philip Solo, Brandon Taylor, & Chills.

With a variety of topics, from being independent and setting examples for his future seed to psychedelics and emotions, this album is an easy listen. Leading through with dark basement type beats, it’s hard to avoid laying back and getting lost in your thoughts to this project. Eazy also give’s you a remix to his track ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ and throws in a bonus track at the end called ‘Upset’.

Song’s like ‘Banana Chain’ & ‘Jfk’ really show how well Eazy changes the voices in the background and how he controls his flow to any pace. ‘The features do elevate this project by complimenting Mac’s lead, it shows how well these creatives work together. ‘Mylittlepony’ along with ‘Banana Chain’ were my favorite tracks of this album.

This album was one of my top 3 releases in month, behind Escape From New York‘  & Father Of Asahd‘. Highly recommended to get lost in this project, and indulge in Eazy’s music.

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