Rose City Hip-Hop Playlist: New Music Added

One of my favourite XMPL releases in 2018 was the Rose City Hip-Hop Playlist on Spotify that I’ve had the chance to personally curate after listening to various artists from Windsor. The playlist was first released in October 2018, featuring fire music by talented artists such as 4TwnTy, DJ KyDD, Danny Green, Zell Calvin, DVO and more.

Rose City Hip-Hop Playlist via Spotify

Today, the playlist contains several new releases from the previously mentioned artists, and some new additions as well – with music by Marshall-C, Pe$o Benjie$ and Mugelezi now included. As the music scene in Rose City continues to grow, the playlist will be updated with new songs – and with 2019 finally among us, I’m pumped to see what music will make its way on to the Rose City Hip-Hop Playlist this year.

Newly Added:

‘To The Moon’ by Mugelezi
‘Go Mode’ by DJ KyDD
‘Real Life’ by Pe$o Benjie$
‘Boobe’ by Zell Calvin
‘Under-Rated’ by Marshall-C

Listen to the Rose City Hip-Hop Playlist:

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