‘Icarus Falls’ by Zayn

Zayn Finally Releases New Album ‘Icarus Falls’

Zayn has been having a killer year with experimental singles, showing us tracks like ‘Sour Diesel’, ‘No Candles No Light’ & ‘Entertainer’. His newest Single ‘Rainberry’ along with tracks like ‘Too Much’ & ‘Fingers’ all make their way on this 27 track project. ‘Icarus Falls’ has been a highly anticipated project as we all felt that we needed a new album from Zayn to see how he’s evolved. This album focuses heavily on Zayn, by only allowing two features in Nicki Minaj & Timbaland. Teasing us with different styles of music, this project really came out better than expected. 

Staying with a variety of sounds, Zayn doesn’t bind himself with a specific genre on this album. Starting off with an uplifting slow jam with his song ‘Let Me’ he quickly gets sensual with the second track ‘Natual’. Both these tracks catch a classing R&B sound with a modern taste. Completely changing the mood, he gives you his track ‘Back To Life’. This track really gives you the impression that it will be very uplifting, but the lyrics show other wise. Many of these tracks focus on relationships of new and old, how to deal with heart break & love, but the stand out part is how he infuses his vocals with melodies is what makes this project extraordinary. The Middle of this project had a very unique track called ‘Stand Still’, with a very soft piano roll and vocal cuts. Highlighting the track is the way Zayn executes the vocals, singing in a very poetic way with a weird gospel vibe. ‘Sour Diesel’ is the most recognizable track in the middle of the album, but songs like ‘Flight Of The Stars’ & ‘There You Are’ really breathe another life into this project! His releases like ‘Fingers’, ‘Too Much’ & ‘ No Candles No Light’ finish off the album, following the track ‘Insomnia’

This track was very fun to listen to, but my TOP 5 stood out really easily. 

Buddhas Top 5:

  1. Fingers
  2. Too Much
  3. Back To Life
  4. Tonight
  5. Flight O
  6. f The Stars

It was a really interesting project to listen to, it also shows us what Zayn has been cooking up. Definitely worth the wait and really sets standars for other artists to step up their creativity. Can’t wait to see what he does in the new year!

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