‘The Off-Season’ / It’s A Cole May

Basketball In Rwanda – LA Leakers Freestyle – ‘The Off-Season’

At this point the only question I have is what can’t J. Cole do? Earlier this month we found out he is finally dropping his new album ‘The Off Season’. That same time we found out he is playing basketball professionally in Rwanda. As the excitement for the new project was building up, Cole showed up on LA Leakers and dropped straight fire!

No matter how scorched the mic was we still wanted more.

The time has come, it is the Friday of all Fridays. It’s here, ‘The Off Season’ has finally graced our speakers. I woke up at 4 am, made sure the album was downloaded and walked my dogs before work. During the walk, with the album playing on my headphones and it’s weird to say but I felt like I just discovered music for the first time.

You know when you find that song and you exhaust the repeat button? That’s how I felt but I couldn’t just repeat one song, I had to repeat the album over and over again. While getting ready for work, it was continuously playing through my speakers. The car ride to and from work, on my breaks and even right now as I write this. It just feels like a newer song I got put on to every time I listen to the album.

Cole actually had features on this album, Bas, Lil Baby, Morray, 21 Savage & 6lack. This star studded line up shines bright, with Cole beaming brighter than the sun. The lyricism is elite, the production is clean and the features elevate and are elevated on this project. Dynamic flows really help feed the lyrics to your temple and deliver the punchlines right to your dome.

Out of the 12 tracks on this project, we’ve only heard two tracks prior. ‘Interlude’ which was released a week prior to the release and ‘The Climb Back’ which was released last year. The track which I was surprised was not on here was ‘Lion King On Ice’.

However this did not take away from the project, this project was extremely satisfying because not only did J. Cole shine as an artist but as a producer too! This whole catalog was a master piece!

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