‘Begin Again’ E.P. by Joe Ghost

Joe Ghost Impresses with New E.P. ‘Begin Again’


Canadian EDM producer Joe Ghost shows how versatile music should be with his 7 track E.P. ‘Begin Again’.  The 7 track E.P. will definitely

be heard across Canadian music festivals this summer. Giving the E.P. two listens I find myself loving how he utilizes the vocals, not only does he have powerful vocalists, it’s the way he uses vocal cut’s when the singer isn’t singing. The drops in the beat are well timed and definitely easy to move to. Being versatile with his music not every drop is “EPIC” but they all hit smoothly and don’t sound forced at all.

Joe Ghost elevated this E.P by getting a talented roster of features. MKLA, LIX, Kevin Acero, Joyia, Joe De Simone, Mermaids Exist & Ω, All these features bring something different to the table, allowing every song to sound different.

Joe Ghost will be at Escapade in Ottawa on June 23-24

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