‘Revenge Of The Dreamers III’ by Dreamville, J. Cole

J. Cole & The Rest Of Dreamville Release Highly Anticipated Album ‘Revenge Of The Dreamers III’

Shortly after the release of their Documentary release, Dreamville was highly anticipated to release their newest album: Revenge Of The Dreamers III‘. Lead by J. Cole, the Dreamville team has finally released their album; coincidentally on the same day that our sophomore magazine issue dropped. With a busy Friday after Independence Day, I finally had a chance to indulge in this crazy project. Consisting of JID, Bas, Ari Lennox, Cozz, Earthgang, Lute, & Omen joining Cole, you get a full look of the Dreamville squad in its entirety.

This 16 track album, has many outside features from Ty Dolla $ign to Vince Staples. With many different vibes and different collaborating sounds, this album is truly a gamechanger in today’s musical waters. Before rocking out to this project make sure to watch the documentary to get a deeper look at the creative process these artists had coming together.

Cole’s hit ‘Middle Child’ was added to this project and is the only track where Cole goes in alone. Every artist had stand out tracks and stand out collabs with artists outside of Dreamville. JID really did it big with his song ‘Ladies, Ladies,Ladies’, featuring another ATL artist, the one and only TI. His other track:‘Rembrandt…Run It Back’, featuring Staples was a mix between hot lyricism and abstract beat selection; a true banger. That track also has Cole who reminds us it’s his year. Ari let off vocals on tunes like ‘Self Love’ & ‘Got Me’, complimented by Bas, Dolla $ign, Omen, Baby Rose, & Dreezy. Bas had an eye-opening showcase on this project as he gives us different flows and vibes across his tracks. Highlighting tracks like ‘Down Bad’, & ‘Don’t Hit Me Right Now’ continue to add on to his arrival since he put the game in its place on ‘Milky Way’. Lute kick-started this album alongside Da Baby & Cole on the song ‘Under The Sun’. ‘Sleep Deprived‘ was another pyro track to add on to this wildfire of an album. Cozz went off on this project like a pitbull, ‘LamboTruck’ captivates you lyrically allowing you spiral into this project. On that tune, with REASON & Childish Major, and discussing robbing Cole, this laid back and lyrical tune offers a deeper vibe than what is said. As I Read between the lines it’s I’ll be the first to say it’s up there as one of my favorite tracks on here. Earthgang is all over this project from ‘Down Bad’ to ‘Sacrifices’ putting their mark on this whole track with ‘1993’ being my favorite track they are involved in. Omen is another one of the Deamville fam who really reminded us of his arrival to the game. Seeing him on only 3 tracks, ‘PTSD’ is already in my 2019 playlist from production to lyrics.

The king gets brought up last as he had a feast on this project. Lyrically dominant headliner J.Cole graced most of these tracks with his presence and united the Dreamville team. With this project release, J. has claimed 2019 as his year and subsequently, the year of the dreamers. We aren’t ready for what’s next… Truth be told no one is, but we are definitely looking forward to it.

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