‘Jumpsuit’ & ‘Nico And The Niners’ by 21 Pilots

21 Pilots Return With 2 New Track ‘Jumpsuit’ & ‘Nico And The Niners’


21 Pilots have been silent for about a year, but they have returned better than ever with 2 new singles ‘Jumpsuit’ & ‘Nico And The Niners’. Its appears to be like they are teasing a new album ‘Trench’. Both these tracks sound like an authentic 21 Pilots sound. Very different to each other they both hold their own as hits! ‘Jumpsuit’ starts off with a haunting mid paced  vibe and takes a very heavy fast paced screaming sound at the end. The track hosts a variety of emotions as you listen to it and was well executed.

‘Nico And The Niners’ is my favorite track of the two, it has a very distinct sound that only the 21 Pilots can host. The melody stands out but the verses sound like a chill island vibe is what has me sold. This track is very easy to sing to especially with that catchy chorus.

Out of the two singles they are definitely both worth the listen. ‘Jumpsuit’ already has a video to give you more than just a listen, enjoy!

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