‘Left Hand’ by Beast Coast

Beast Coast Reunites As A Group With Their New Single ‘Left Hand’

When members of Pro-Era, The Underachievers & Flatbush Zombies united to give birth to the Beast Coast movement, they took back New York and reinvented it’s sound. The three groups continued to grow independently but always displayed their connections via tours, song features, music video cameos and Steez Day Festivals. Now the three parties are moving beyond a movement and are cementing their name as a group, known as Beast Coast, and could potentially turn their attention to more music and shows. Releasing their first track as a group, ‘Left Hand’ showcased exactly the high standard we’ve begun to expect from these factions individually. The common theme these artists share is their affiliations with Brooklyn, New York.

When it comes to totally capturing their full potential, these artists compliment each other seamlessly, weaving between different melodic flows. The beat is very mellow but offers a fast pace, optimal for lyrical slaughter. With all the members heavily involved in production, the track has absolutely no flaws. The Pro-Era members involved are Joey Bada$$CJ FlyKirk KnightNyck Caution Powers Pleasant, but the way they are scattered throughout the song clearly shows these groups are all comfortable with each other and are on the brink of something special.

Taking their show outside of NYC, this group will tour in the US & Canada will be getting a show in Vancouver, as well as Toronto. The members all went online telling us to expect more music and possible albums in the future. Safe to say Beast Coast is the best coast.

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