‘Love Yourself’ by WILL (DD Mix)

Denise De’ion Brings An Uptempo Sound To ‘Love Yourself By WILL

Going back to February, WILL released her single ‘Love Yourself’. The track had very uplifting lyrics but the sound was extremely emotional. WILL sang with a very angelic touch over chilling piano chords. The track also had a few harmonic backup vocals, but the take away from the track was it’s deep and intimate delivery.

With the pure vocals WILL showed us on that track, Denise De’ion had a different perspective to integrate with the lyrics. Releasing the (DD MIX) of ‘Love Yourself’, you quickly notice the faster pace and upbeat delivery. Denise & WILL combined in taking this intimate love track to turning it into a turn up blazer!

Getting her creative gears in action, WILL styled and produced visuals to this version of the song with Trey Timeless as the director behind the vibrant masterpiece. You really notice the life and energy this video brings through the colors and movements through out the project. The dancers brought a whole different level of personality that complimented WILL very well!

With these two different versions, you can enjoy the track no matter the occasion.


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