‘Mad Love’ by Mabel

Mabel Releases Dance Floor Scorcher ‘Mad Love’

If there is a song to brighten up any party this summer, it is ‘Mad Love’ by Mabel. With lyrics of seduction and uplifting vibe, this POP song is a trail blazer for her contemporaries. This track adds to

With background vocals edited to sound low, vocal cuts through the chorus, singing and a HipHop taste through her verses, this song has everything packed in one punch. This track also sounds like it is suitable for festivals and is perfect for EDM remixes. Lyrically outgoing and seductive the tune will ensure movement on the dance floor.

This song adds on to Mabel’s busy year of 2019. Not long ago she released her ‘Ivy To Roses’ mixtape. All we can hope for is that the artist continues to add on to this tower of bangers!

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