‘Now, More Than Ever’ by Flatbush Zombies

Flatbush Zombies Release Their New EP, ‘Now, More Than Ever’

The deadliest trio returns with a brand new EP to ensure zombie gang gets to feed. ‘Now, More Than Ever’ was meant to be a project released to uplift their fans during this whole pandemic. How ever the group pointed towards the protests and ensured their support for the movement against racism and police brutality. Flatbush Zombies have always touched on a many of these topics and this project is no different.

Whether intended or not this 6 track EP has some very motivational lyrics to encourage someone to take a stand and voice their opinions. They welcomed one feature on this project, Sophie Faith sounds off on the last track, ‘When Im Gone’.

This project is extremely easy to listen to, you will run through it multiple times, just to find your self playing it again. As usual the groups chemistry stands out as they flow off each other and beam off lyrics. The beats differ on every track but still maintaining their elite sound.

Every time Brooklyns finest come together it’s a mosh pit for your headphones. This project was just what we needed and after a few times running through this EP, ‘Elevator Music’ is my favorite tune.

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