‘Metal Face Hokage’ by Noveliss

Noveliss Goes Off In New EP, ‘Metal Face Hokage’ (Prod: Deff Dee)

Formerly recognized as J Roc, Detroit’s Noveliss from Clear Soul Forces releases his first solo EP ‘Metal Face Hokage’. Produced by Deff Dee, this project consists of 8-tracks filled with meaningful lyrics and a taijutsu-type flow. Noveliss also hosts two features on this project in DJ Odilon & illadope.

Influenced by Naruto, this project starts off with ‘The Mask’ – a track that begins with Naruto’s voice and many lyrical references to the show. The track seems to be scratched by Odilon and ends with Dr. Doom’s voice.

‘Train Of Thought’ is a deep track that talks about topics, like ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods and racial issues. This track displays how swift Noveliss’s mind is running through lyrical word play.

A track you can vibe along with is ‘Ninja Scroll’, with references to Wu-Tang and Zelda as the beat holds a rhythm that keeps your head boppin’ and speakers bumpin,’ ending with Dr. Doom again.


Announcing his attempt to complete the song in 1 take, ‘Two Birds’ is my favorite track on this project. Sounding smooth, laid back and unforced I found myself repeating this track.

‘Traveling Man’ was the song that received great visuals and hold’s a poetic-type flow over a beat that’ll keep you rockin’. This was a track that reminds you of what Emceeing sounds like.

More Naruto references and conscious lyrics over a blues/soul-type beat is the pinnacle of ‘Vultures’. This is also the first track featuring illadope, who scratched this track smoothly. This song also has a remixed version to end the actual EP, which also was a great listen.

If you want to flex your talents opposed to fake luxury, ‘Megazord’ is the perfect track. Talking about mastering his craft with references to Naruto again, Noveliss also finds his way into trying to awaken us from the issues we seem to ignore.

This EP was a great listen and is a gem from the Motor City. This is also the first EP from Noveliss and really makes you anticipate what is coming up next from the Metal Face Hokage.

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