‘After Hours’ by The Weeknd

The Weeknd Finally Releases His Highly Anticipated Album ‘After Hours’

The Weeknd had us all captivated after his release of ‘Heartless’ & ‘Blinding Lights’ shortly after. Making us anticipate a new album ‘After hours’, he left us itching with teasers and visuals. Giving us an idea of what to expect with his retro take on the tracks, he also directed our attention to his Vegas influence and Escobar look.

The visuals were very detailed with blood marks and sadistic smiles, fitting the lyrics about heart break, moving on, lust and finding your old self. This project made us anticipate damaged lyrics that we love from Abel, but it also made us want club tracks that can turn up any night.

This project delivers 14 tracks including an interlude. Throughout the 14 tracks, you get to see different vibes and get put in different moods. The project has those classic echo like vocals from Abel on tracks like ‘After Hours’ & ‘Escape From LA’ among a few others. A very recognizable trait is that 70’s sounding electronic rhythm featured in many of the beats on this project. ‘In Your Eyes’ is a stand out tune for this type of sound.

Slowing it down on tracks ‘Snowchild’ also shows Abel displaying his lyrical flow that he is slept on for. The one thing every track on this project has in common is it makes this album a contender for album of the year. The king of the fall should be collecting another handful of awards this fall.

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