‘Mindsets, Pt. 1’ by KeyLow KYD.

KeyLow KYD. Is Back With His Latest Single ‘Mindsets, Pt. 1’

Coming off his first single ‘Melody For Me’, KeyLow KYD is experimenting with a new way to deliver his music. His latest track ‘Mindsets, Pt. 1’ is a track that is bigger than just a single, it kicks off a series of tracks that walk you through KeyLow’s different mindsets through out his life & career.

KeyLow told us that these songs will be lacking in reverb compared to his other tracks, to portray that things really aren’t together in his mind. He executes this by allowing the beat to sound complete and together, while the lyrics have a natural melody and a more vulnerable flow.

This track is quick to grasp the listener, even though when listening to it you find yourself in a more mindful place. Taking in the words and sound of this track it helps you relax and find that train of thought you might have blocked out.

As far as the meaning of the meaning of ‘Mindsets, Pt. 1’ this is what KeyLow KYD has to tell me.

KeyLow KYD.

” The meaning behind ‘Mindsets Pt.1’  comes from the feeling of having to redefine myself and getting my mind back on track. ”

As simple of a meaning that is, it really is a lot, self care and growth is more important now than ever. Seeing artists open up about their state of minds and journeys can really help those who bottle up their emotions and allowing them to find the drive they need.

As Long As KeyLow KYD continues to consistently release music and putting the time into finding new comfort zones to exceed, his music will blossom. As he focuses on his journey and creating new content, I anticipate the day he take us behind the scenes when he becomes more active on social media.

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