‘Fleurever’ by Jazz Cartier

Jazz Cartier Releases New Album ‘Fleurever’



Jazz Cartier lowkey has the hottest release of music Friday July 27, 2018, with the release of his album ‘Fleurever‘. Taking his wave of Hip-Hop to another level, Jazz Cartier blesses us with 16 tracks. Jazz flexes his individual talents on all the tracks with no features except in KTOE and his beats. Every song has it’s own vibe with wavy tracks, Love tracks, ballin’ out tracks this album focuses on melody and rhythm. Controlling his flow one every track I think Jazz made a very bold statement to the rest of the Hip-Hop game that he controls his own lane and should never be over looked.

In all honesty I really like this release and I think the videos are pretty bad ass! They make his tracks hit harder. After a few listens May favorite 3 tracks are:

  1. Before It’s Too Late
  2. VVS
  3. God Flower

Let me know what track you like!

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