‘Invisible’ by TheSoulfulPoet

TheSoulFulPoet Debuts His Track ‘Invisible’ From His Upcoming Project

TheSoulFulPoet is aiming his sights on a second album of the year, after his album ‘Thorns’ took the award in 2019. The young spoken word artist is another ace in the sleeve of Ottawas boomin’ music climate.

With his album ‘Live From The Basement’ set to release on July 10th, the anticipation is amped up with the release of his single ‘Invisible’. The track hosts a feature in Dominique Gorley.

Soulful touches on his culture and differences and stigmas that people may have or just not understand. Speaking whats on his mind, he carries a deep flow and highlights his spoken word roots. Dominique compliments his style very well, as she takes over the powerful chorus of this tune.

With the album release creeping up, we can’t wait to hear what TheSoulFulPoet has to say about the project and his experiences through his young music career. It’s also worthy noting that this project is another title produced by Quest.

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