‘Modus Vivendi’ by 070 Shake

070 Shake Finally Releases Her Debut Album, ‘Modus Vivendi’

After releasing her track ‘Under The Moon, the momentum for 070 Shake debut album began to build. Her track ‘Guilty Conscience’ furthered propelling the excitement for the album, when she dropped an artistic visual piece to the track. A week later her album ‘Modus Vivendi’ is finally here.

This 14 track project gives you very deep perspective of Dani Moon and her unique artistic style. Through out the whole project there is only one feature, and that is from The Ebonys, on the track ‘It’s Forever’. All in all this project is a total of 44 minutes of pure rhythm.

The vibes on this project lift you up and bring you back down in a euphoric way. ‘Don’t Break The Silence’ is the first track on this piece that actually starts off with strong vocals you could imagine in a movie, right over a destroyed battle field scene. Lyrically she matches the haunting vibe of the track. ‘Come Around’ changes the mood of a darker and more seductive vocal sequence, but still holds a more vocal focus.

‘Morrow’ is the first lengthy track of the project, and starts with acoustic strums before the wet drums take over. The verses and lyrics are delivered in a melodic flow, that is perfectly executed with Dani’s amazing voice. ‘It’s Forever’ is the track with The Ebonys, this is the shortest track of the project sitting at a short 17 seconds. Which has a little melody with the words “forever” taking the spotlight. The track does mix into the next track, ‘Rocket Ship’. This track continues with “forever” before going into Dani’s lyrics about the heights she’s at and how it feels like nothing can stop the ride.

Tribal drums kick off ‘Divorce’ but instead of being a loud track, it’s more of a broken and feels type tune. The guitar eases the vibe and Dani’s vocals take a very damaged tune. She also flows a psychedelic flow as she slaughters the lyrics. You can get ready for a harder flow with ‘The Pines’, a tune that hosts a harder flow and bass heavy beat. It also has a dark vibe to it that you can’t find anywhere else. Finally we reach her track ‘Guilty Conscience’, the track we all got mesmerized by. A very 80’s nostalgic video and a rough rugged vibe lyrically with a retro beat and chorus.

The drums kick start the next tune ‘Microdosing’, a tune that is beautiful in it’s simplicity with Moon going in with a subdued vocal flow to bring the most from this track. A space echo with hi-hats representing stars, ‘Nice To Have’ is an emotionally broken song to get lost in. Remaining a fan favourite, ‘Under The Moon’ sounds like a brand new track every time you listen to it! Taking on an empowering tone with a little bit of rasp, ‘Daydreamin’ hosts a very spacey sound. It also holds a rugged drum during the verses. ‘Terminal B’ is the longest track on the project, sitting a little over 5 minutes, the track has a very intense build up. As a first time listener you don’t know what to expect. Finally the vocals hit and the track suddenly has you floating. With the drums finally coming in you can hear this track progressively building up into something special. After the climax the track slowly builds down back to neutral. Taking on the same approach with the intro, the final track ‘Flight319’ has little bit more hop to it. With a melodic vocal in the middle, the lyrical word play on the opening verse is the highlight of the tune!

The track ends this project perfectly, but you will still wonder why Dani Moon has not released more albums. It was definitely worth the wait!

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