Mustafa Releases 2 Brand New Singles

‘Air Forces’ & ‘Stay Alive’ Are The Two New Sensational Tracks By Mustafa

Mustafa is known for his poetic lyrics, soothing vocals and his sensational sense of rhythm. His contribution to Canadas music scene is undeniable, especially his representation or Regent Park & the GTA.

Mustafa is on a vibe with his two new singles ‘Air Forces’ & ‘Stay Alive’, the two tracks offer addictive melodies and a comforting aura. The sense of an R&B classic is met with deep lyrics that paint reality through out these tracks. Not shying away from his story, Mustafa touches on topics that many people would fear opening up about. His authenticity isn’t only represented by his music, but his visuals display his self pride especially when it comes to his culture.

These two new tracks seem to be a glimpse of the future. An album or EP before the year ends would be idle since the stage is now set. Regardless of what might or might not be, these two beautiful tracks are more than enough to keep your vibe warm through out the fall and winter.

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