‘Off Deez’ by J. Cole & J.I.D

J. Cole & J.I.D Team Up On New Single ‘Off Deez’


J. Cole & J.I.D teamed up on a brand new single, ‘Off Deez’. 2018 has hosted a very repetitive picture of Cole appearing over and over again just to body a new track. Earlier this year Cole mentioned that J.I.D is the truth and praised the young artist very loudly. The duo are a fresh of breath air as they combine their talents to put the game in check.

J.I.D goes in first to address everyone biting his style in the chorus. The young trend setter bodies his verse with exciting word play that the majority of rappers wouldn’t be able keep up with. Luckily for us the person taking over the second verse is non other than the king. Cole starts off with a slower paced verse reminding who he is. He allows his voice to get quiet for a second as he turns up his pace and decibel, bombarding us with a barrage of intense word play. In the midst of all of this he reminds us of his previous statement about by J.I.D by reminding us he’s the closest to Cole. Whether you agree or disagree with that statement it has elevated J.I.D and he has been impressive with every tack he’s released, showing growth and unique talents. This reminded me of when Nas handed the torch to Cole, and as great as he was he continues to grow as an artist and a person proving he is the king.

This track makes me really excited to see what J.I.D has in store for the future. It also screams that Cole owns 2018.

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