‘Please Forgive’ by Powers Pleasant Ft. IDK, Zombie Juice, Denzel Currry & ZillaKami

New Single ‘Please Forgive’ Finally Drops By Powers Pleasant Ft. IDK, Zombie Juice, Denzel Curry & ZillaKami.



Powers Pleasant constructs a perfect beat in his new single ‘Please Forgive’. The only thing this beat needed was heavy artillery and the 4 artists to go over this beat were very fitting. The missing 4 pieces of this roster are IDK, Zombie Juice, Denzel Curry & ZillaKami.

Power’s beat set a nice pick for Denzel to take off and set the tempo for this tune. Curry goes in with a bouncy flow before he hands it off to IDK, IDK goes in with speedy word play as he slides into the chorus. The ball is in ZillaKami’s court at this point and he is taking everything in sight, going in very aggressively as he creates one of the hottest verses I’ve ever heard. Finally the song ends with Zombie Juice, who feeds us a the high standards we expect from him, he also mentions how hes reppin’ The Flatbush Zombies in his verse, listening to him go off there is no doubt he Zombie Gang would be proud.

Powers Pleasant just came off a Beast Coast Remix of his track ‘Pull Up’ and now he drops this anthem. I can’t wait to see what 2019 for Power and his banging beats.




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