‘Power is Power’ by The Weeknd, SZA, Travis Scott

The Weeknd, SZA & Travis Scott Unite On New Single ‘Power is Power’

As part of the series “Music Inspired by Game of Thrones,” we finally got to see the first track released, ‘Power is Power’. Performed by The WeekndSZA  & Travis Scott, the song was released shortly after the first episode of the final season. The HBO series has been the most popular show over the last decade and the leading fantasy television series of all time. Now that it’s coming to an end, HBO stayed true to their innovative selves and are allowing artists to release songs to accompany the series. The only restriction is the songs must be inspires by ‘Game of Thrones’ itself.

‘Power is Power’ is just that, a powerhouse, having these threr all-star caliber artists team up on a track is beyond satisfying. The song starts off with Abel in a short voice to kick things off before he enters into the chorus with his vocal range. SZA is the next artist to match the vocal standard that was set on this single. From her verse and beyond, she joins The Weeknd on the chorus. Trav is then left the last verse, which gives this track a more well rounded hip-hop sound as he engages the audience with some lyrical play. All the lyrics on this track are easily tied to the series but also have a modern feel to them.

I think HBO did a great job with this new venture and they have yet to disappoint with the television series. Tying the two together it shows their interaction with their viewers outside of just the series. With these three talents who are cemented in modern pop culture, it really makes me wonder who else will be releasing music for this project.

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