Premiere: ‘Alive’ by Disco Lines

Cover art for ‘Alive’

After making a name for himself on SoundCloud through his hit remix of Benny Blanco’s ‘Eastside’ – American music producer and DJ – Disco Lines makes his return with his new track titled ‘Alive‘ featuring Lilly Corse.

Disco Lines is known within the SoundCloud community for his tracks Honey and ‘Eastside’ Remix featuring Halsey and Khalid – which earned itself over a millions plays on the platform. With Disco Lines’ blend of disco, house, trap and future bass – he continues his growth with his latest track ‘Alive’ which gets the vocal assist of Lilly Corse, who heavily compliments the track. The track is a great blend of unique percussions, synths and modern dance – and flaunts Disco Lines’ overall production ability. ‘Alive’ is a groovy and fun anthem to anyone who experiences their first moments of euphoria.

In a statement to XMPL, Disco Lines describes what his latest single is all about, “Alive is about the feeling of experiencing something for the first time. Whether its making a new friend or eating a ripe avocado, we all experience these tiny moments of pure bliss within our lives.”

Listen to ‘Alive’ by Disco Lines:

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