‘Hooligans’ by Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa Pops Off On New E.P. ‘Hooligans’

From his 5 fingers off death, his music and his bars on ‘Wild n’ Out‘, Vic Mensa is highly touted as on of the best lyricists of his generation. Always displaying a unique style in his music, clothing and projects, Vic always has you opening your mind to his work. Finally releasing his new E.P. ‘Hooligans‘, Vic takes his musical talents to a whole new level on this project, showing us he has no fears when comes to evolving his sound and fusing genres together. 8 tracks are the make up of this project, but it is enjoyable from beginning to end. With 6 features in Jesse, Ty Dolla $ign, G Herbo, G Eazy, Charlie Wilson & Mr Hudson. Each of the features offers something different to this project, really complimenting the vision Vic had for this project!

This project starts off with the track ‘Dancing In The Streetz’, a track with Vic lyrically bodying all of the issues we’re facing today. Consciously discussing street politics, he also runs the gut busting chorus. With a beat that bangs hard, it is brought back to a very melodic level when Jesse sings the closing lines. His second track ‘Dark Things’ is my personal favorite tune on this project, composed of a wavy beat complimented with lyrics and vocal melodies that are second to none, this track is something special. ‘In Some Trouble’ is the only track focusing on sensual vibes, while tracks like ‘Rowdy’ & ‘Reverse’ continue to offer a hype vibe to bounce off the walls to. ‘Deserve it’ is the final piece to this album, holding vocal melodies and lyricism it embodies how prestigious this E.P. is.

This E.P. was one of the best projects of 2018, it really reminded us not to even dare to sleep on Vic. It was also a very great way to build up our anticipation for Vic to release a new project in 2019. If he continues doing what he does, he will build a very unique legacy and I can’t wait to see what the future has for him!


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