‘Ramreaper’ by Ramriddlz

Ramriddlz Releases New Album ‘Ramreaper’

Ramriddlz released his latest project ‘Ramreaper’, a 13-track album with a variety of sounds. The Egyptian-Canadian artist has done an amazing job mixing the addictive sounds of hip-hop, R&B & dancehall. With the help of infectious rhythms produced by Jaegen, Ram really gives us a bold statement that he’s arrived. This project has some excellent features, with artists such as HamzaBooggz & C. Tanga. All in all, this album does have a dark, sadistic twist in certain parts, displaying a very dark and demented attribute to Ram’s style.

With a ton of different characteristics comprising this masterpiece, this album does start off in that dark mindset, with tracks like ‘Ramreaper’ & ‘Crack’. Making it’s way into a very psychotic vibe with a modern feel, those tracks are very wild and capture the darkest imaginations. His track ‘1 More Wine’ is the first track with Jaegen listed as a feature and is my personal favorite. Taking on an unorthodox type of dancehall sound, the song is straight energy, perfect for spring and outdoor parties. Jaegen projects his personality and ability on eight tracks, including ‘Cha Cha’ with C. Tanga and ‘Feloos’ with Hamza.

The only issue personally is it’s a little short for my liking, however this project was a must listen and highlights the new sounds roaming in Canada, with an open mind this album offers heavy indulgence of audible goodness.

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