‘SICKO MODE’ by Travis Scott (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex Remixes ‘SICKO MODE’ By Travis Scott

ASTROWORLD was a staple of 2018, ‘SICKO MODE‘ was one of the hottest tracks off the project. Travis Scott Drake really teamed up on a masterpiece with that song, performing it together on tours and taking over every snap story the song is already timeless. With a crazy beat as is, it was only a matter of time until we saw different artists put their spin on the song. It’s only appropriate that the best of the best tackles the remix, thankfully Skrillex was the one who remixed the song. With an incredible resume of singles and remixes, he really took this song to a different level.

When an established artist remixes a song, they know to stay composed and not abuse their idea to ruin the song. Skrillex did a great job intensifying with out letting it lose it’s identity. First thing you can notice is the kicks are made to sound stronger for clubs and festivals, but the really cool part is the empty warehouse sound effects that compliment the song as if they were ad libs. Skrillex does get in with robotic sounds and electronic wave sounds, that are very faint around the song. 2:35 – 3:08 is the only part where Skrillex dramatically changes the song, putting his own imprint on the song. With a rougher sound that is wrapped in melody, Skrillex goes in hard before bringing it back to the vibe he started with.

This remix was really cool and refreshing. For such a difficult track to put a new twist on, it was very well executed. I can automatically see this being used in many sets by many DJs.


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