Toronto Singer Jerusha Releases New Single, “Bravo”

Jerusha / Photo via Publicist

Following her single debut “Real Lies” back in February, Toronto-based singer and songwriter Jerusha returns with the release of her hypnotic new song, “Bravo.”

Taking on the complex emotions while one journeys into discovering self-love, “Bravo” is written through heartbreak and unravels how the journey to self-love isn’t always easy. “Bravo” is a soulful, raw expression of Jerusha’s path to learning to love herself and surviving a toxic situation.

Influenced by legends such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Amy Winehouse and Rihanna – Jerusha found herself singing in rock bands growing up and using music as a personal form of therapy. Now, Jerusha has made her way from nothing, having to overcome adversity from a young age to becoming the next Canadian talent in the making, ready to take on the Northern music scene.

What do you think of Jerusha’s new single? Listen to “Bravo” below:

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