‘Thoughts From Your Car’ by nodisco.

Toronto Based Artist nodisco. Releases Latest Single ‘Thoughts From Your Car’

With his new track that holds and 80’s and 90’s POP vibe, Toronto based artist nodisco. releases his debut single ‘Thoughts From Your Car’. Highly touted for his songwriting capabilities, nodisco. found himself creating this tune in the midst of an anxiety attack. Owning his problems with health anxiety, nodisco. finds ways to relate his issues through his music. With lyrics like “if you just believe me, you’ll see I’ve got sick in me.” anyone experiencing these problems can find a minor remedy in this tune.

With a very up beat melody and addictive vocals, this song really does sound like it’s been pulled straight out of a time capsule. With the guitar riffs and banging drums all being complimented by ambient sounds, you will easily get lost in this tune.

With only one track on his streaming platforms, they only thing I can say is we can’t wait to see what else is in store for this bright talent.

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