‘Rap Or Go To The League’ by 2 Chainz

2 Chainz Releases New Album ‘Rap Or Go To The League’

Delivering a heavy message through music, 2 Chainz returns with his new album ‘Rap Or Go To The League’. With a heavy climate of young children believing music and sports are the only lanes they have to a bright future, 2 Chainz opens their eyes with this new conscious album. This album hosts 10 features in Marsha Ambrosius,  Young ThugTravis Scott,  Kendrick Lamar,  Ariana Grande,  Lil Wayne,  E-40Chance The Rapper  & Kodak Black. These heavy hitting artists are spread out on this 14 track album, but the biggest collab on this project was with Lebron James. The NBA superstar is no stranger to giving back to communities especially his own. This time around Bron sat in the studio with 2 Chainz as a creative, giving him feedback and evolving ideas.

This project is very inspirational and touches real topics, that false prophets tend to sweep under the rug. Taking the time out to make this album, shows that 2 Chainz remembers where he came from. Starting off the album songs like ‘Forgiven’, ‘Threat 2 Society’ & ‘Statue Of Limitations’ highlight topics like the wrong attraction to drugs and money, forced lanes to bad decisions and judgment from people outside of the community. There are empowering vibes in songs like the collab with Ariana ‘Rule The World’, but the most eye opening track is ‘NCAA’. This track talks about the subject of college athletes who put their bodies on the line entertaining us and making the league rich with out a lick of the money. These athletes aren’t even allowed to have sponsors, all the sponsors go to the school.

This album was a great listen, but the most intriguing part is how much closer the NBA & Hip-Hop got after this. The league always opened up to Hip-Hop with performances and collaborations with artists like J. Cole, Jay Z, Drake, Travis Scott and many more. There are also players that dabbled in Hip-Hop from Kobe & Shaq to Damien Lillard. As the relationship continues to grow, the replays on this album will grow also.

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