Toronto Rapper LB Spiffy On His Latest EP, ‘LB NO POUNDS’

Photo: Justin Abernethy

LB Spiffy burst on the scene at a young age, but showed a large amount of charisma and style. The young Toronto artist has been creating waves before even graduating highschool, shining on YouTube with songs like ‘I Love My Gang’ ‘My Phone’. Quickly becoming anthems in Toronto, LB Spiffy soon solidified his name with co-signs from Kylie Jenner & Drake.

With his stand out melodies, LB Spiffy continues to captivate his audience and turn new heads in his direction. highlighting 2020 with his hit single ‘Kawasaki’, LB reminded us of his talents and to top it off he gifted us an EP to end the year. ‘LB NO POUNDS’ was a very easy project to get hooked on to, but it definitely makes you wonder about certain meanings to some tracks.

Through an interview with XMPL, LB talked briefly about his project  ‘LB NO POUNDS’ and painted out how it was made and what was put into it. Read the full interview with LB Spiffy and stream  ‘LB NO POUNDS’ EP below:

XMPL: What were some of the inspirations behind this EP and how did you tie those influences to the project? 

LB Spiffy: This EP was inspired by my lifestyle and day to day life. LB NO POUNDS was also inspired from my song called “Pounds” from my first album So Spiffy

‘KAWASAKI’ was a stand out track that quickly gets the listener hooked to the vibe of the track. What were your first thoughts of this track when you started recording it and how does it feel now when you hear it knowing you created it?

First thought while recording “Kawasaki” was “the girls gone love this.” I came with a solid melody that will get stuck in the listeners head. Making the song at first I had no idea it was gonna come out how it did, but hearing it now I’m glad with the outcome.

Photo: Justin Abernethy

With the pandemic is causing a stop on concerts, let’s look ahead to when it’s over. How do you think ‘KAWASAKI’ would sound performed live and what kind of energy would it bring? Which songs do you enjoy performing live the most?

“Kawasaki” would go crazy performed live. “Kawasaki” is gonna get the crowd rocking for sure, with the vibe it brings. I enjoy performing songs like “I Love My Gang” and “Situations” because the crowd knows all the lyrics and it’s always lit.

‘Go Pro’ has been the anthem on many playlists. Can you talk about the creative process behind this track, how you and 2k Baby worked on it and what it was like working together?

“Go Pro” was a banger I had in the vault for a bit. My music has been spreading around the world and I thought it was time to get an American artist on my music. I knew 2KBABY would kill it. Luckily, he took notice and we made this crazy collab come to life.

Photo: Justin Abernethy

Bankrol Hayden, Hoodbaby Peppa Mdub were also featured on this EP, What are somethings that stood out to you while working with other artists and what can you say this fine list of features brought to this project?

What really stood out to me while working with other artists was diversity. I felt all the artist I worked with on LB NO POUNDS brought their A game and made sure they would be remembered by this release.

With this EP closing out the year, are there any goals or projects that you have set for 2021?

My goals for 2021 is to just go twice as hard as 2020 and really branch out and make that next step bring me to another level.

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