‘V In The AM’ Eva Shaw & Booka Banks

Eva Shaw & Booka Banks Team Up On New Banger ‘V In The Am’


One of my personal favorite producers, Eva Shaw is breaking down barriers with her unique ability of excelling in multiple genres. We got to see her shed light on a different style of producing when she teamed up with City Fidelia on their ‘4/4’ E.P. This time around she continues to give us a taste of her Hip-Hop/Trap production. Teaming up with Booka Banks the two artists delivered a heater with their newest single ‘V In The AM’. Elevating each others sound, the two gave us a lot on this 2 minute track, but what is extremely impressive is how well their chemistry sounds together.

Sounding like they have been doing this forever, Eva & Booka delivered a very well rounded track. Eva lays out what sounds like what could be a very mellow song, as Booka sings very melodically along. A few seconds later Eva catches you with a barrage of blows as she lets the drums go, to top off Booka hypes up the drums with a very fast paced selection of lyrical word play. This track will cause any dance floor to bounce, it is a heater bound to keep your speakers shaking.

This release was a great release, because it shows that Eva won’t be holding back in 2019 as she continues to elevate her track selections and adapts to the evolution of music. Growing into a very diverse artist, it makes me anticipate what other collaborations she might do.

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