‘Villain’ by Omar Kadir Feat. Joey Djia

Omar Kadir Drops New Single ‘Villain’ Featuring Joey Djia

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Omar Kadir has released his new single ‘Villain’ featuring Joey Djia. The talented duo compliment each others vocals as they paint a picture  of emotions. Singing about how they are in a one sided relationship, they make this song unique because they are the “villains” in the relationship.

Very catchy, you will be singing  and chair dancing to this track! The production on this beat is very well done, it changes tempo yet always has you finding a new groove. Putting Omar and Joey together on this track was special because their voices make it easy to relate to the lyrics they’re singing.

My favorite part about this track is how it doesn’t get all sad and gloomy about having your heart broken. Make sure you add it to your playlist!

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