‘Défiler’ by Stormae

Belgian Superstar releases newest single ‘Défiler’

Stromae is recognized for his abstract sound globally, with tracks like ‘Tous Les Mêmes‘, ‘Alors On Danse‘, ‘Ta Fête‘ and many more. Not only is he recognized for discussing topics such as HIV,  dead beat fathers and racial discrimination, the Belgian artist is also known for his collaborations. ‘Défiler‘ is also a collaboration between Stormae and Mosaert Fabrique, for their capsule 5 collection.

This video actually plays a fashion show, it portrays hypnotized models displaying the newest trends in fashion. Escalators transporting hypnotized employees feeding packages to the models displays a cycle. The video goes along with the mellow of kicks and high hats that compliment the Hip-Hop lyrics.


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