‘Mama’s Boy’ by LANY

LANY Delivers 14 Tracks On Their Latest Album ‘Mama’s Boy’

With the release of their third album, LANY did not hesitate to deliver a killer project! ‘Mama’s Boy’ is a repeat worthy album with a variety of different genres on this 14-track album shows how talented this band is and is a real gift for the people who say “I listen to a little bit of everything”.

Though this trio was established in Nashville, they are an LA based group and they don’t shy away from the lime light on this album. With a refreshing sound their tracks capture a variety of moods and some are extremely real and packed with emotions.

‘If this is the last time’ is one of the most relatable tracks, it holds a heavy heart as the lyrics speak to the singer’s mother. Their tracks are super easy to relate to, especially from a relationship aspect. ‘Anything 4 U’ & ‘Bad News’ are the perfect examples of this. One is about giving too much of yourself and the other is more a self reflective tune about one’s darker side.

‘Cowboy in LA’ & ‘When You’re Drunk’ hold a great up tempo sound to keep this album live! If this was a rollercoaster these tracks would be two of the more notable peaks.

This was the group’s first project since ‘Malibu Nights’ which released back in 2018. Their last collaboration was with Lauv in 2019, but I must admit this project will be their most notable and is a stamp we will all remember about in 2020.

I can only encourage everyone to listen to this project, I feel like it has at least one piece that will touch each and any individual who listens.

Stream ‘Mama’s Boy’ by LANY:

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