Black Alliance Vol. 1

As February comes to an end, we get to recap the ‘Black Alliance Vol. 1’ EP. This Project was released at the beginning of the month in honor of Black History Month. The project celebrates some legends that we all know and love, some may not be with us today, but their legacy lives on.

Consisting of 5 tracks, this EP shows us some bright young talents perform covers of songs that are embedded in the history of music. The artists who performed in this project are Just John, Myles Castello, Amaal, Charmaine, Jacksoul & Andye.

The young artists delivered on this project! With the shoes being big to fill, they exceeded all expectations and really showed how ones legacy can carry out through generations. Below you can watch the performance or listen to them. Each Performance will have a quote from these young artists describing the song they covered.


“I really like the hook [of ‘My Struggles’] because it says to me, sure you don’t really know me, my struggles, my past, my trauma, my story, but it doesn’t matter because I’m here today and everything in my life has been crafted for me to be where I am now and I’m coming harder than ever, so bring it on, I’m ready.”
Just John


“Queen Latifah did an amazing job creating a record with a message regarding black men and women supporting each other, as well as loving one another respectfully.” – Charmaine

MYLES CASTELLO – ‘Change is Gonna Come’ by SAM COOKE

“’A Change Is Gonna Come’ is a song I’ve always listened to growing up and it always stuck with me. The lyrics are relevant and continue to carry weight as the years go on.” – Myles Castello

ANDYE – ‘Man In The Mirror’ by MICHAEL JACKSON

“[‘Man in the Mirror’] sheds light on self-reflection and motivation during the times we are currently in, I felt this song was a perfect fit.” – ANDYE


AMAAL – ‘Brown Skin’ by INDIA ARIE

“I chose India.Arie’s ‘Brown Skin’ because I can still vividly remember the emotions that stirred up inside me when I first heard it. The melodies are so captivating, and the poetic lyrics are powerful! It epitomizes self-love, empowerment and the beauty of melanin skin. – Amaal

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