Watch ‘Undercover Lover’ Music Video + 4TwnTy Exclusive Interview

Aya (1/2 4TwnTy) and Kris Hans

4TwnTy and Kris Hans bring the heat with their music video for ‘Undercover Lover’

After the release of their latest track ‘Practice In,’ Canadian music duo 4TwnTy have returned – this time collaborating with Kris Hans to bring you their new music video for ‘Undercover Lover.’

The R&B duo have lately been expanding their genre – going from songs like ‘Distance‘ to a hip-hop track like ‘Practice In‘ and now dabbling with the Afro-sound on ‘Undercover Lover’ alongside Kris Hans.

Shay (1/2 4TwnTy)

XMPL got the chance to talk with 4TwnTy regarding their music, making a music video and more. Also be sure to tune in this weekend for The XMPL Podcast – Episode 3, which will be featuring 4TwnTy as special guests. The XMPL crew will be asking them questions regarding their recent music, ‘Undercover Lover’ and much more.

Read the interview with 4TwnTy and watch their music video for ‘Undercover Lover‘ with Kris Hans below.

XMPL: How would you describe the moment that you two decided to become “4TwnTy”?
Aya: Well, we sat down in the middle of Anatomy class last October and asked each other what we both had in common. We wrote a list of things down but the one that stuck was the fact we were born on the same day. I guess it was a moment of relief for me because it felt like the start of a new beginning, or that push that we needed to become serious about our craft.

You recently released your single ‘Practice In.’ What was your favourite part about making this track?
Shay: My favourite part about making this track was being able to show a different side of us that we haven’t before. I think us initially being introduced as an R&B group gave people the impression that we’d stick to slow love songs like our first single, “Distance” but the idea of ‘Practice In’ simply came from wanting to incorporate a sample from Drake (Practice) in one of our songs, and then hearing a beat that just brought a rapping flow to it. Being able to record it all in the comfort of our own rooms made the writing process and recording a lot easier as well.

Canadian artists right now have truly made their dent in the music industry. Are there any Canadians artists that you’re currently listening to?
Yes! We still listen to Justin Bieber 24/7 but other than him, Drake, DVSN, the Weeknd, Alessia Cara and Jessie Reyez are on repeat on our playlists.

Any Canadians artists you’d like to work with?
Aya: I’d definitely like to collab with Drake one day.
Shay: I’d like to collab with either DVSN or Jessie Reyez hopefully sometime in the future!

Aya (1/2 4TwnTy)

You recently filmed your music video for ‘Undercover Lover’ in Toronto, ON. What would you say is the most fun part of making a music video?
Being able to see everyone involved in a video in their element and in love with their craft is the greatest thing. Also, having people around that genuinely support you, being apart of the experience is always a plus because the atmosphere is always light, which releases a lot of pressure from the fact were making video to put out for everyone to see. We do a lot of improv during our music videos, so seeing what we can come up with is always enjoyable as well!

How have your friends and family responded to your music?
Aya: At first, they actually didn’t take me seriously. Then, my family saw that I was actually going to the studio 24/7. I feel like everyone talks about what they want to do and their dreams, but they don’t really do anything about it. As soon as people see you putting in work to achieve your goals, they start rocking with you. I think when my mom saw my first music video, that gave her the reassurance that this wasn’t all talk. Showing her that video was one of the scariest moments I’ve ever had, but since then, the support has been great!

On Episode 3 of The Episode Podcast, you mentioned that people always assume 4TwnTy stands for “4/20” – haha. Are there any people that actually get right the first time?
No one that we know actually puts two and two together so we suspect we’ll be stuck explaining it for a while. But its always a fun conversation to have! Hopefully within a few years people will think of us instead of 4/20 when they hear it, haha!

Watch the music video for ‘Undercover Lover’:

Be sure to tune in this weekend for Episode 3 of The XMPL Podcast with special guests: 4TwnTy


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