Danny Green October’s Quadruple

Danny Green Has 4 Tracks Loaded In The Chamber To Light Up October.



In August Danny Green & DJ KyDD made sure everybody knew they have arrived on the scene, as they won us over with their EP ‘Theory Of Evolution’. We sat down with Danny & KyDD during The XMPL Podcast, where we learned the two will not be taking it slow and will continue to put their heads down and work for their success. KyDD has been working on producing new beats and hosting event’s like ‘Traphouse Karaoke’, Danny has also been grinding on new projects, but his most recent is very unique and exciting. Green will be releasing 4 tracks this month one day at a time, he has also teamed up with local talents on these 4 tracks. Allowing the rose to bloom, Danny shows how talented his city is with features in, Zell Calvin, Marshall C and J. Pags

You can find all of these releases on this thread as soon as they are released.

‘White Wine’ by Danny Green Ft. Marshall C (Prod. M.T.M x DJ KyDD)

The first track of the 4 is ‘White Wine’, where Danny Green get’s in on a mellowed out beat produced by Manny Tulletti & DJ KyDD. Danny leads the track with a chorus that allows you to catch a quick fall vibe, before he shreds his verse with lyrical wordplay. Marshall C was an impressive feature on this tune because his wave was on the same level as Green. Their collective efforts allowed this to be a great track to kick back and spark one up, but the soft melody, deep kicks & haunting vocal cuts is what really allows you to tap into your thoughts. Overall this track is the definition of smooth, it really gets you excited for the other 3 tracks.




‘F.M.F’ by Danny Green Ft. Zell Calvin (Prod. M.T.M & LauzyBeats)

Danny Green released the second track from his ‘Rose City’ E.P. ‘F.M.F’. Putting their city on their back, Danny squads up with Zell Calvin as the duo annihilates a beat produced by Manny Tulletti & LauzyBeats. A wavy beat consisting of a knocking bass is really brought to life by Zell’s catchy ass chorus. Creating a melody with his flow not only bring out how dirty the beat is, but also sets up Danny to go all in on this tune. Danny rips through the first verse holding nothing back, but the first thing you’ll notice the inspiration he draws from grime music. Zell comes back in with a smooth verse of his own, where he transitions his vocal levels. Putting this track as his second bullet in the chamber, will have you anticipating what Danny fires off next!


‘Wu Flame’ by Danny Green Ft. Zell Calvin (Prod. M.T.M)

The third track from Danny Green’s E.P. is ‘Wu Flame’, this banger is also produced by Manny Tulletti.  Manny has had his hand on 3 of the 4 songs so far, offering a unique sound in every beat he’s made. This melody offers more bounce than the others, this enabled Danny to go in with a different hard hitting flow. Teaming up with Danny again is Zell Calvin, as expect Zell really hypes up the track with his vocal melodies that he controls so well. This tune is another crazy wave that Danny has added to his arsenal.


‘Motives’ by Danny Green Ft. Pesky Jagss (Prod. M.T.M)

Danny Green combines with J. Pags in his final track, ‘Motives’. We’ve heard the two together for the first time on his track ‘Call Me’. Going into this track with high expectations, the duo is quick to impress. Danny & J. Pags go over a sinister beat produced by Manny Tulletti, where Pags hits us with a haunting, chorus that sets up Danny to fire off a filthy verse. Not anticipating anything else the tune really evolves when Pags goes in with her own flow before ending the track with on last chorus. This was the perfect track to end the E.P. with.


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