‘What U Need’ by Eva Shaw & City Fidelia FT. Vincent Berry II

Eva Shaw & City Fidelia Release Their Third Track Of The Month ‘What U Need’ Featuring Vincent Berry II



Three is truly a magical number, as Eva Shaw & City Fidelia release their third track from their EP ‘4/4’. November felt the rattle as the pair debuted their first track Snakes featuring Db Bantino. Automatically binding our attention, City & Eva did not stop there, they quickly picked up the tempo on their second track Miles Away. Hitting us like a shot of adrenaline, we did not know what to expect out of their third track ‘What U Need’ featuring Vincent Berry II.  As the anticipation comes to an end, the pair continue to elevate their track record of bangers.

At this point when you see Eva & City on the same track, you know to expect a unique style of two artists who have no fear in expanding genres and breaking boundaries. This track caught me off guard unlike anything I have ever heard before. Eva subtly started off the song with a little bit of drums and teased a guitar, but 20 seconds in is where everything gets shaken up. Coming in with a heavy beat of guitars and drums this tune had me remembering traces of 00’s rock, but the track sounds more evolved rather than vintage. With transitions, adlibs and bars, this track was executed with a ton precision. City was extremely impressive on this track, showing his love for music he really highlights his talents. We’ve heard his R&B flow, we’ve heard him go over trap & EDM beats but this was different. Not only is it extremely difficult to flow over a fast paced track that is reminiscent of rock n roll, he did it in a manner that had me feeling the same way I felt when I first heard Cypress Hill as a kid. City really elevated this track as he combines with Eva in creating a new sound. Vincent was a very crucial element of this track because his mildly grunge voice was perfect for the chorus that carries out through the track.

As we approach the holidays, I find myself anticipating the release of their 4th track more than unwrapping presents this year.  Eva & City will be sending off November with one more song releasing on the 30th. It’s impossible to expect a certain sound but it’s more than likely they will blow our minds with yet another fire ball.




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