‘Woah Woah’ by Big Saturn

Big Saturn Creates A New Wave With His Latest Single, ‘Woah Woah’

Taking a different approach to a club track, Big Saturn really created a wall shaker with his latest single ‘Woah Woah’. Allowing this track to debut his 2020 catalog, Saturn really shows the hard work and quality that goes into his music.

The intro to the track starts off with a little melody on the keys, before the bass takes over the spotlight. Once the beat kicks in, the first thing I could think of was ‘Step Up’. The melody and bass, makes this track something a club would love to vibe with, but I feel like dance choreographers can really piece some unique routines to this song.

With the track being under 3 minutes, it was impressive hearing Saturn deliver a vast amount of melodic flows. The chorus to this track is extremely catchy and will have you singing “Woah Woah!” through out the day. Lyrically the track delivers punchlines that will resonate with you and may even provide you with a new caption for your Instagram.

With this being the first track of 2020 for Saturn, you cant help but anticipate what else could be coming. Saturn shouts out Lowz in the song and their producer/artist chemistry is unmatched.

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