XMPL Cover Story: Z On Her New Single ‘Green,’ Recent Projects, Music Videos And More

Photo: CBR Media / Hair: Lavish by Lena / Makeup: Kevin Narvaez

Nothing but making boss moves entering 2019 as New Jersey singer, Z, brings the heat to this cold January with her new single ‘Green.’ Z has come a long way since first hitting the scene with her track ‘Nobody’s Better,’ featuring Fetty Wap, following the music video’s release in December 2016 – which has amassed over 27 millions views on Youtube – and she has continued to work hard with her team, putting out fire music one single at a time.

It’s been a busy year for Z – starting off with her single ‘On My Shit,’ following the summer release of her music video for ‘Special 4 U’ featuring Toronto rapper Tory Lanez – directed by Bodak Yellow director Picture Perfect. Z later switches it up by featuring on Spencer Ludwig’s catchy pop-tune ‘Honeymoon’ alongside singer and vocal producer Drü Oliver (Nights Like This, Kehlani) – which is then followed by its flashy music video, filmed in LA. Z’s feature on ‘Honeymoon’ proves that she is not bound by genre, changing it up from Hip-Hop, R&B to Pop – with 2018 only being a preview of what’s to come.

Watch the music video for ‘Special 4 U’ featuring Tory Lanez:


Z closes the year off with the drop of her latest single ‘Green’ – which begins with a magnetic beat that pairs hard with her vocals. Entering our present day 2019 – has lead up to the momentous drop of her music video for ‘Green,’ which is set to release later this month. And although Z has been giving fans a preview of what is to expect for the Green video on her Instagram, she tells XMPL that we are still in for a surprise – and we cannot wait.

Listen to ‘Green’ and read the full exclusive interview with Z for XMPL’s first digital issue – where she talks her new single, recent projects, music videos and more:

XMPL: You just released your new fire single Green, which is different in style compared to your latest releases – what sparked this change?
Z: Yes! Thank you! I actually have so much unreleased music of all kinds of genres! I am a music lover period, I kind of just create what I think feels and sounds good. That and the fact that there are so many sides to me. You’ll be able to see more of that in my next releases as well. Kind of like my alter egos.

What influenced the “Green” theme behind the single?
The influence behind Green comes back to my growth as a person and in my career. I started making a living off of what I love and I’ve been doing a pretty good job at it I think haha! I wanted to create a song to represent the boss moves that I’m making.

Photo: CBR Media / Hair: Lavish by Lena / Makeup: Kevin Narvaez

Is there anything new or different we can expect from the Green music video?
That I’ll have to leave as a surprise! Make sure to check it out, it will be dropping in January!

You recently collaborated with Spencer Ludwig and Drü Oliver on “Honeymoon” – what did you enjoy most about featuring on this track?
Honeymoon is definitely one of my favorite collaborations I’ve done! I adore Spencer and Drü, the three of us always have a blast whenever we link! When we went out to LA for the music video it was so much fun, I had slept one hour and filmed all day but it was the best time out there.

What would you say was your favorite part about the music video for “Honeymoon”?
The beach scene! I love the beach and to be able to film in Malibu on the beach with the sunset was such a beautiful experience!

Watch the music video for ‘Honeymoon’ by Spencer Ludwig, featuring Z and Drü Oliver:


On our last interview, you had mentioned you had a Spanish project in the works – when should we expect its release?
That’s right! I would definitely say you can expect to hear something from my Spanish project sometime in 2019. I’m sooo excited to share what I’ve been working on.

Since our last interview, you also released a music video that was filmed in Miami for your track “Special 4 U” featuring Tory Lanez. How was it working with Tory again but this time on set?
It was so much fun, I love Tory! He always comes around with high energy and knows what he wants!

‘Special 4 U’ music video was also directed by Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” director Picture Perfect, how would you describe your experience working with him?
PIC!!! Yes! That’s my brother for real! He is absolutely amazing! Picture made sure that I was completely comfortable the entire shoot and he made sure to execute the best possible visuals. We have a dope bond where he can understand exactly what I’m looking for and he’s able to make it happen!

Photo: CBR Media / Hair: Lavish by Lena / Makeup: Kevin Narvaez

From the different projects you’ve executed this year, which one would you say was personally significant to you?
I think Green is most significant to me. Green is the first track off of my release plan and it set the tone for what’s next. As you mentioned before it has a different sound and that’s exactly what I love about that record. This is the beginning of the next phase for my career and I’m taking everything up a notch!

Is there any other music style or genre you would like to dip into?
Yes! I’m always creating and willing to try new sounds out. I started playing around with dance music, which I’ve always had a liking for so that’s been pretty fun!

I’ve noticed that you’ve been in the studio with various producers and other artists; does this mean there’s an album or project in the works?
Yes absolutely!

Is there any thing you have in store for 2019?
Nonstop music! 2019 is my year. If you haven’t heard of Z yet, you will soon.

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