‘Do You Drive?’ by Clairmont The Second

Clairmont The Second Releases New Album ‘Do You Drive?’

You ever hear someone say “all rappers sound the same now a day.”? Clairmont The Second is back with 8 tracks sending a message to anyone who thinks Hip-Hop is dead. His newest project ‘Do You Drive?’ has set a new flame to keep the North warm throughout the winter. ‘Do You Drive’ is a solo project that plays out like a movie, giving you different feelings, sparking excitement and keeps you wondering whats next.

From the first track ‘Hold’, Clairmont has you hooked with his lecturing flow over a deep base mellow flow. His lyrics excel in lessons and experiences, his track ‘Po” also has a message to his fans and offers a very futuristic Jazz feeling. Lets go on to his next track ‘Grip’, which still offers a RAW flow and a head bumping vibe everyone want to enjoy. ‘Grace’ is the track that caught me off guard, offering a Soul intro but gets in depth with conversational flow and reverts to an angelic voice. Throughout this project, you imagine a person battling with themselves in their own head. It could be because it’s something we can all relate to or maybe it’s the tones and voices used throughout the album.

Clairmont sounds very confident in his style and performed this project with a very artistic eye. Easily one of my favorite albums of the year, lets see how this project ages.

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