Air Force 1 ‘Have A Nike Day’

Nike Dresses Air Force 1 With ‘Have A Nike Day’

Nike has been heating things up with their ‘Just Do It’campaign themes, now they are adding fuel to the fire with their ‘Have A Nike Day’ themes. Showing the theme on their Air Max 1, Air Max 97 & Air Max 95 Nike really over did it with their newest sneaker to the campaign roster. Dressing up Air Force 1 in two color ways, Nike really shows how creative their designs are and what they are willing to improve fan favorites.

Nike is releasing the sneakers in a pink on pink buttery suede and a white on white supple leather, both sneakers will have similarities in the white midsole, the tongue tab and the smiley face with the swoosh as a mouth. The tongue tab reads the play on words of “Have A Nike Day.”, but depending on which sneaker you choose the outsoles will host different colors. The white sneaker hosts a black outsole matching the smiley, while the pink sneaker sits on top of a pink midsole matching the upper. The swoosh logo along Nike Air sit on the heel of both sneakers.

This sneaker adds on to a long list of the classic Air Force 1’s, with a sneaker holding so much history and culture you can easily find yourself throwing these into your rotation. With no official release date, make sure to check with Nike for release info on these kicks!

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