Adidas NMD City Sock ‘Purple Pack

Adidas Brings Back City Sock In A ‘Purple Pack’

The adidas City Sock sneakers allowed all the urban adventurers to hit the streets running. With ultimate traction on the rubber outsole complimented with the cushion of the Boost midsole, the parkour scene really embraced the sneaker. The Prime Knit upper was just the cherry on top, it made the sneaker very light weight and allowed it to find its spot in the casual sneaker world. Whether used as a day to day or a performance sneaker, this show compliments jeans and sweat pants, giving it a versatility for any occasion.

This sneaker will be taking back it’s original two colors of cream white & black. However the ‘Purple Pack’ refers to the purple streak both sneakers hold at the collar and accented with in the knit. This gives life to the sneaker without taking away from the laceless sneakers simplicity.

There is no official release date, but keep checking adidas through out the month! these sneakers do fly off the shelf in a heart beat and will be retailing at $180 USD.

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