Saucony Aya Runner ‘Purple/Orange’

Saucony Brings Back Retro 1994 Sneaker Aya Runner

In craze for dad sneakers, what better way to sell a look other than bringing back an OG sneaker. The bulky style and vintage style of the Aya Runner is the perfect way to pay homage to the history that inspired the look of today. Saucony also flex’s the technology they’ve had in the past, as it fits the modern criteria for runners.

The purple and orange over lays of this sneaker make the upper and outsole of this sneaker. The perfectly place white accents really brings the shoe to a whole new life. The most retro part in my eyes are the laces that host a toggle unit to tighten the shoe just a little more. The beauty of this sneaker is accented in the midsole with the orange speckles on a white foam.

The sneaker will be available for purchase on June 8th, 2019, retailingat $80 USD. This is a summer release but has the perfect colour scheme for the fall.

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