Nike Air Max 1 SE ‘Logo’

Nike Reconstructs The Air Max 1 SE With A ‘Logo’ Makeover

We saw the Nike brand take over the release calendar with their release of the Air Force 1 ‘Logo’ pack in 2017. Next in line will be Air Max 1 SE, this time around the logo will not be ‘All Over’. They will be more like the Air Max 95 & 97 ‘Logo’ make over, but the distinct difference with this release is that it will be exclusive for women. Taking on an black supple leather skin as the upper you will notice the Swoosh on the laces, “Just Do It” on the outside heel, Swoosh along with with “Air” laddering down on the opposite outside heel, but the most eye catching feature is the white band on the outside of the foot that reads “Nike” with the Swoosh. Though all of those features are on the upper, it surprisingly is not congested and sits great over the all white midsole. An all black rubber outsole is the last piece to compliment this piece, which also has the Swoosh, Nike logo and “Air” all in black.

There isn’t an official release date yet but will be available at your local sneaker retailer!

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