Kyrie 5 ‘Just Do It’

Kyrie 5 Takes On The ‘Just Do It’ Colour Pack

The Kyrie 5 has been hitting the sneaker market as one of the most sought out kicks of the late 2018/2019 season. Nike has been backing this specific model with ground-breaking skin releases. Being recognized as one of the best basketball sneakers from the Nike line-up, the Kyrie 5 doesn’t need to prove itself on the court.

Now that the brand is paying attention to the fashion aspect of the sneaker, it is definitely making noise as a lifestyle sneaker. The Kyrie 5 is taking on one of the brands most prestigious designs, the ‘Just Do it’ look pays homage to the history of Nike. Paying tribute to one of their most popular campaigns, this colour pack really does hold a place in the heart of sneaker heads.

The ‘Just Do It’ Kyrie 5 will be rocking a primarily black upper with a multitude of retro colours. Strategically placed, scorching hot pink accents, including on the ‘Just’, automatically catch the eye. A blue trim around the collar is also blended into the ‘Do’, and is complimented by a yellow swoosh and ‘It’ to complete the nostalgic ensemble. There is also a grey vintage Nike tag on the sneaker, that blends in nicely with the cloud grey outsole and midsole. Complimenting the outsole are the same three colours, those being pink, blue and yellow, but in the design you will notice a yellow section of the outsole replicates the “all-seeing eye.”

The ‘Just Do It’ Kyrie 5 will be releasing online and in stores on January 15, 2019.

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