Nike Air Force 1 ‘Stained Glass’

A New Nike Air Force 1 (Low) Is Available In An Emerald ‘Stained Glass’

Being one of the most celebrated and decorative sneakers of all time, the Nike Air Force 1 has never shied away from a bold statement. It has seen many designs stick and many fade, but the worth of this sneaker is priceless to any outfit. Stealing the show with it’s slick clean design, this sneaker can compliment anything.

This time around we will see a ‘Stained Glass’ look on the sneaker as it catches the eyes with off emerald type colours. A mosaic of what resembles church glass, this sneaker still stays authentic to it’s base look with it’s all white mid and outsole.

This dashing sneaker is available now at all Nike Retailers priced at $130 USD.

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