Nike Air Max 95 ‘Aqua Blend’

Nike Showcases New Air Max 95 ‘Aqua Blend’

As bulky dad sneakers continue to rise in trend, I prefer the original dad sneakers in the Air Max 95 class. Now taking retro into consideration Nike blends aqua colours together in this masterpiece. Get ready to break out your old-school wind breakers – as this shoe will be the perfect compliment. Screaming 90’s this sneaker will have a strong cool grey upper with teal and purple stripes, including purple lace rings. Black laces match the all black midsole that hosts a trio of clear air bubbles with teal on the inside. The outsole is a purple rubber to further compliment the teal accents.

This vintage silhouette will be available at Nike on October 18th, 2018, retailing at $170 USD.


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